Loveland New Years Eve & Loveland LIVE


Loveland NYE

We created the Artist visuals, Countdown 24:00 new years moment, and a 20years LOVELAND image show, showing pictures of 20years LOVELAND events.

Like always we will end our year with Loveland New Year, but this time there is more. In 2015 Loveland turns 20! We came up with the perfect way to celebrate 20 years of Loveland!

Loveland LIVE

We will be kicking off with an exciting new event: Loveland Live. At Loveland Live there are no CD-players, turntables or USB sticks, in other words no DJ’s. We will exclusively invite musicians who perform their own music, composed live on stage.

For this first edition we’ve invited some of our favourite artists and some fresh talents. Many of them have been a regular part of our line up over the past 20 years. They will be performing some of the most memorable tracks of their career. See you at our 20 years anniversary!



Day 1: NYE

Aril Brikha | Audiojack | Ben Sims | De Sluwe Vos | Egbert LIVE | Guy J | Job Jobse | Max Cooper | Melon | Nuno dos Santos | Secret Cinema | Speedy J

Day 2: LIVE

Anthony Rother | Aril Brikha | Arjuna Schiks | Dosem | Egbert | Einmusik | Gregor Tresher | Joop Junior | Julien Chaptal | Kollektiv Turmstrasse | Martin Buttrich | Matador | Mathew Jonson | Octave One | Robert Babicz | Rodriguez Jr. | SQL | Vince Watson


PROJECT: Loveland NYE and Loveland Live
LOCATION: Mediahaven Amsterdam
CLIENT: Loveland
LIGHT: Hiljo Stad
PICTURES BY: Baber Raja & Ivo Slaats
LASERS BY: Laserdream



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