EURAMAX Coated Products Roermond contacted Stv-Visuals with the question: We need something cool for our stand during the annual BAU 2015 in Munich Germany. Together with Euramax marketers we wrote a script for the short video concept based on their recent digital printing process called: AluDesign. With this process they delivered the first fully digital printed façade. Designed by NPS TCHONBAN VOSS.


AluDesign offers fully customized façade designs. It consists of a multi-layer digital print coating that shows up a phenomenal contrast and design depth, enabling freedom of design. With one of the largest and most innovative printing lines in the world we can produce XXL panels up to 2.6 x 10 meters with an excellent exterior durability and UV resistance.  Any effect or illustration can be applied to aluminum sheets or flat panel solutions like aluminum composite, sandwich panels, sidings and cassettes. Imagine the freedom of a painter for your façade cladding.

Bau 2015 Munich (BAU showcases architecture, materials and systems for industrial, commercial and residential construction and for interior work. The range is divided according to building material, product and theme areas – key themes for the future such as sustainable building play an important role in all sections of the exhibition.)

Euramax Coated Products is a premium coil coater that supplies coil coated aluminum all over the world for more than 40 years. Our pride in coil coating and passion for color has led to an extensive range of innovative finishes on aluminium coil or sheet.

Euramax’ pre- painted aluminium and metal coils are used for architectural buildings (roof cladding and facade cladding), interior architecture, recreational vehicles walls, transportation vehicles parts, aluminium components and more.

Color the world and make it a more beautiful and inspiring place to live! Get inspired and turn your creative ideas into reality with our colorful finishes.

Former Tuch fabric Berlin Germany
What Stv-Visuals did for this project; we filmed the final results of the façade printed design by Euramax. Design of prints based on their wool design for this former cloths fabric.
After we made a final cut for the video, we produced 3D graphics and animated the fabric around the building. Before we could do this we hade to transform the new façade to the old looking fabric. All done in 3D (Cinema4D motion tracking.

We came up with the idea, to film the entire building in 4K, to show the result in a animation taping the woven design around the building in 3D.

However the building was already finished! So before we could start animating we had to make a 3D track.
To get the job done we used the Cinema4D r16 new 3D tracking tool combined with After Effects CC Cineware solutions to built mutil-pass layers.


CONCEPT: Ivo Slaats
VIDEOGRAPHER: Nick Marlow | Studio WitZwart
3D & MOTION GRAPHICS: Ivo Slaats & Nick Marlow
LOCAL CREW: Sven Grabe
CLIENT: Euramax / Hugo Geurtjens
AUDIO: Daniel Polman

The way the building looked before:

Final result with printed panels: